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The team at Datasparq are expert data science practitioners and we're looking forward to continuing to work closely with them to deliver impact into the wider easyJet business.”
—Ben Dias,
Head of Data science
The Datasparq team were great to work with—their data science and engineering expertise has really helped us tackle high-value challenges. They've created a new data capability for us—and have delivered a solution we can operationalise to inform our revenue management decisions.
—Gary Wallace,
Head of Commercial Products

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Headquartered in London, Datasparq is a specialist AI & data firm that designs, builds and runs high-impact AI & data solutions.

We've worked with brilliant brands such as easyJet, London Gatwick, GSK, Haleon, GXO and more to make the promise of AI become a reality.

Comprising data scientists, engineers and product thinkers, we're equipped to tackle the toughest business challenges to make a real impact.

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