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Discover AI

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AI is revolutionising businesses of all sizes. But with so many different AI technologies and solutions available, it can be difficult to know where to start. That's where our discovery sessions come in.

The SparQshop: AI discovery session

The SparQshop is a process of identifying and assessing the opportunities for AI to improve processes in your business. We work with you to understand your business goals, challenges and data landscape. Then, we use our expertise in AI to identify the specific technologies and solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

Who the SparQshop is for

Whether you work in a well-established enterprise or a new, ambitious startup, AI can help. So, our SparQshops can help, too.

With regards to personnel, the SparQshop is designed for your business, operations and technical folks to work with our product leaders, data scientists and engineers. We ask businesses to bring along up to six key stakeholders; including a decision maker.

The benefits: What you’ll get

SparQshops help in a number of ways, including:

  • Identify new revenue opportunities: AI can help you to automate tasks, improve decision-making and develop new products and services.
  • Reduce costs: AI can help you to streamline operations, improve efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Gain a competitive advantage: AI can help you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and attract new customers.

How a SparQshop works

A SparQshop typically comprises two one-hour sessions.

The first session is about building understanding. It’s an exploration of how things work today, what the key challenges are and discovering where the opportunities are.

It involves:

  • Reviewing your value chain: Where possible, we ask that you bring a mapped value chain, though we can work on this in the session, too.
  • Identifying pain points: Identification and detailing of key pain points in process.
  • Solution ideation: Creation of solution ideas to address the challenges identified.

The second session is about defining the solution and establishing how to get started.

It involves:

  • Prioritising opportunities: Looking at factors like value vs complexity and identifying the top three solutions to explore.
  • Completing Product Primers: Diving deeper into each solution to create product definitions.
  • Agreeing next steps: Defining a delivery roadmap for the phases of work, including immediate, short and long-term actions to provide a clear line of sight to value capture.

How to get started

Send us a message using the contact form below. We’ll find a time to schedule a preliminary call to understand your requirements and objectives—and make sure that a SparQshop is the right option. Then, we’ll work together to schedule a SparQshop.

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