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Unlocking faster transformation for easyJet

Data science support for Europe’s leading airline

easyJet is Europe’s leading airline, with over 300 aircraft on nearly 1,000 routes to more than 150 airports across 35 countries. Innovation is in easyJet’s DNA—the airline leads the industry in digital, web, engineering and operational innovations to make travel easier  and more affordable for its passengers.

It’ll come as no surprise that easyJet continues to invest in the latest technologies—in fact, easyJet’s data science roadmap was so ambitious that they needed a trusted partner to help make it a reality.

Scaling up flexibly for data-driven digital transformation

With a significant backlog of data science projects, Datasparq stepped in to augment easyJet’s internal data science team. Datasparq’s intelligent team augmentation significantly accelerated the pace at which value was unlocked for the wider business—bringing next-gen capabilities to easyJet’s operations, network & scheduling and commercial functions. 

Datasparq partnered with easyJet to provide support for up to eight data science projects concurrently, offering easyJet the flexibility to choose, change and drop projects over a two year period. This meant that easyJet were able to manage risk with regards to any unforeseeable events that might impact operations; valuable given the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020-2021.

Using Agile to deliver value at speed

Datasparq uses the Agile methodology; typically working in two week sprints; each with clearly defined goals set at the outset of the sprint with key stakeholders at easyJet.

This integrates seamlessly with easyJet’s existing approach—making working in blended teams a breeze; expectations are communicated clearly and stakeholders have full visibility into project progress. At the end of each sprint, teams host a sprint demo, allowing stakeholders to see progress and input into a project’s direction.

Datasparq: home to industry-leading data scientists

While easyJet had existing relationships with digital vendors, they struggled to find a team with the expertise and capability to service their data science needs. easyJet needed a team capable of owning and executing data transformation projects from discovery through to delivery—alongside upskilling their in-house team.

Datasparq’s team of specialist data scientists, engineers and product thinkers proved the perfect solution. Since October 2022, Datasparq have supported 10 data science projects at easyJet, empowering their team to achieve their ambitious data transformation targets with best-in-class data science support.

Working with easyJet has been hugely rewarding for Datasparq. Our teams have had the opportunity to apply their expertise and make significant a impact on easyJet's operations.
Oli Bartlett, Director of Product at Datasparq

What could AI do for you?

Datasparq is a specialist AI & data firm that designs, builds and runs solutions that drive real business value. We work with world-leading brands like GSK, GXO & Four Seasons Hotels (to name a few) to make AI a reality.

We’re proud to be practitioners—not PowerPointers; people who things done. We help our clients at every step of the journey; whether they have a data team and need extra support to get pilots into production or they want to find new ways that AI & data can create value in their business.

So, if you want to explore AI—or are curious about the value locked away in your data—get in touch with us today.

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