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AI is revolutionising revenue management. But—as of today—only a handful of businesses are taking advantage. Gain a competitive advantage—use AI-powered dynamic pricing to boost your revenue and lead the way in your industry.

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Your pricing is kept current and competitive automatically, no need for manual adjustments.


Our engine learns as it prices, ensuring products are always optimally priced for the market.


There are rules to adhere when pricing your products-our platform can operate within defined constraints.


AI solutions shouldn't be a black box, we expose reasons behind pricing decisions to give you trust in the solution.

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Your trusted AI partner

At Datasparq, we’re experienced AI practitioners who are passionate about delivering valuable, operational AI solutions at speed. Our teams combine a unique mix of data science, data engineering, product thinking and design.

We help businesses at every stage of their AI journey. From value discovery; to designing, training and building; to managing AI; we serve our clients as a trusted AI growth partner.

The solution Datasparq developed and run for us sits at the heart of what we do, to increase the level of informed, automated data-driven decision making. Their solution has already paid for itself 10x over.
—Phil Boynes | Ceo @ Parking Eye
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Four steps

We determine the value of our AI-powered dynamic pricing platform by following a rigorous process. We review your data and objectives, define an innovation metric aligned with your goals, and analyze historical and customer behavior data. With a revenue forecast based on this analysis, we assess the impact of pricing changes on your revenue. By continuously monitoring sales predictions, we ensure your pricing strategy remains effective and competitive, helping you achieve business success.

Our experienced Data Scientists fine-tune a model to fit your requirements. We understand that every business is different, so we work closely with you to define pricing 'guardrails' that set limits on pricing, ensuring fairness and competitiveness while protecting your bottom line. You can conveniently access pricing information through our Pricing Preview Portal and API, enabling quick and informed decision-making.

We proceed to full integration via our Pricing API only when you are happy with the pricing. This grants you complete control and the ability to make informed decisions based on the latest data. We ensure a seamless rollout by agreeing on a preferred approach: manual, semi-manual, or automated pricing recommendations. This provides flexibility and ease of making changes according to your needs. Our commitment is to deliver an effective and user-friendly pricing solution tailored to your unique requirements, supported by our accessible Pricing API.

Once your AI dynamic pricing solution is active, you gain access to a user-friendly pricing dashboard for monitoring performance in real-time. This allows you to make informed decisions swiftly. Our solution's significant advantage lies in its continuous learning and improvement. As the model learns from purchases (or lack thereof), it refines pricing recommendations to maintain effectiveness and competitiveness. This ongoing learning capability sets our pricing solution apart from the rest.

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